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Von: Sophie Feuchtner, MSS 11E3/eingestellt von S. Jaqui

Cream Tea

On Wednesday the 25th of September at 3 pm Mrs. Raddatz welcomed our English advanced course in the ‘Gasthaus Gerlach’ in Konken to have a British afternoon tea in a very British atmosphere.

At first, we were introduced to Mrs. Raddatz and her husband. They told us about the ‘tea time’ in England and what role it plays in Great Britain. They also taught us how to make and eat ‘scones’ properly. Scones are like fluffy, little bread rolls, typically eaten with clotted cream and jam on top of it. There are usually two ways of eating them: the Devonian and the Cornish method. The Devonian method is to split the scone in two, cover each half with clotted cream and then add strawberry jam on top. The Cornish method is the other way round, jam topped with clotted cream.

Besides scones, there were sausage rolls or cheese and pickle rolls, lemon drizzle cake, gingerbread, peanut butter biscuits and of course black tea. We could try various sorts of tea, beginning with ‘Yorkshire’, which is a strongly flavored, intense tea that ‘makes your blood pump’, to quote Mrs. Raddatz. Besides that, we were able to try PG Tips, Twinings English Breakfast and Afternoon tea, Darjeeling and Earl Grey.

While eating biscuits and drinking tea we had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Raddatz questions about England and of course the British teas.

All in all, it was an amazing and exciting experience. It was brilliant to learn so many things about British culture and to get to know some of the delicacies from England.

Sophie Feuchtner, 11E3